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Hi all, been a while on here huh

We are making the Enjin site the main site once again, now that the server is self sustainable once again we believe it is the right move rather than having the three websites we have right, most things will remain the same and most information found on the other sites will be moved over here eventually. Until then keep your eyes out. 

What's new (so far):

  • Tekkit Vote Store
  • Tekkit Donation Store moved here
  • Fixed old theme
  • Updated roles

Tekkit Classic server now in maintenance!

We are upgrading the machine's capacity.

We will come back in a few days!


HaykenLORD OWNER posted Sep 7, 16
New amazing mega-build in our server! This road comunicate Spawn with the first City that we will build! :D

Application form to become moderator in the B-Team server has been opened

Click here to more information

Do you want some extra Vote Points?

Well, so in celebration in our opening, we are arranged a permanent offer that allows you to earn 10 vote points just for leave 1 message in our forums!

Just click HERE or visit the forum to read it all! laughing