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Server Transfer

innovatech a posted Feb 25, 19

Hi Community,

A few changes have happened around these parts behind the scenes. Our glorious founder CMG_Dragon has stepped down as Owner of the server with waddle_boye taking over as the main owner. CMG raised this server to what it is for years, we are deeply saddneed by his decision but wish him the best in the future!

We got a new amazing builder Daloria, she has created a brand new Tekkit Spawn for you to enjoy, a vast improvement from the old one it contains shops, machines, information and more. She has also planned to do the same to the BTEAM server. With this the Tekkit server reset and so far we have seen a huge engagement from old and new players, we are so proud of her work and the tekkit server. If you notice any bugs or broken stuff on the tekkit server feel free to drop either Plantfaun or waddle_boye a message in our discord server.

We arew now moving the servers all over to a new host with the hope this greratly improves the lag situations we encounter in our servers. So in the coming days you may notice the server(s) being down a little bit, please do not worry. We will let you know exactly when the server is down for the transfer (at the time of writing this the BTEAM is down for transfer). 

We are proud of this community and we welcome all new players who have joined us. Please enjoy your stay!


Innova Tech Management and Staff Team

Staff Applications

waddle_boye aOWNER posted Sep 20, 18

Staff Applications

We have made a small alteration to the staff hiring process, rather than opening and closing staff apps they are being left open on a permanent basis. This means that when you submit your application you may not here back from us regarding the app for quite a while. This does NOT mean you have been denied (nor accepted). This just means currently we are fine with the staff situation and are not filtering through the apps. Still this should not discourage you from applying, we are always looking for hard working individuals to help our staff team and maybe that will be you? 

The staff application process has also been moved from the old link to

We look forward to viewing your application.

- Waddle

Re-Opening Enjin Website

waddle_boye aOWNER posted Aug 9, 18

Hi all, been a while on here huh

We are making the Enjin site the main site once again, now that the server is self sustainable once again we believe it is the right move rather than having the three websites we have right, most things will remain the same and most information found on the other sites will be moved over here eventually. Until then keep your eyes out. 

What's new (so far):

  • Tekkit Vote Store
  • Tekkit Donation Store moved here
  • Fixed old theme
  • Updated roles

Tekkit Classic server now in maintenance!

We are upgrading the machine's capacity.

We will come back in a few days!


HaykenLORD PLAYER posted Sep 7, 16
New amazing mega-build in our server! This road comunicate Spawn with the first City that we will build! :D